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Choosing the right wall & floor tiles for your construction and refurbishment are crucial - from offices, interior or exterior, choosing the right tiles from the beginning is just as important as the foundation of any project. The type of wall & floor tiles you pick out for each room, the colors, the patterns - they all play a fundamental role in how things come together.

Take a look at our selection of wall and floor tiling solutions.

Ceramic Tiles

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Ceramic tiles are the average forever flooring choice, and are becoming more and more popular a choice for an overall floor plan. Kitchen floors, backsplashes, and bathrooms, you just can’t choose better when it comes to ceramic tiles – with durability and overall use, ceramic tiles are the workhorse of any tiling floor choice. A quality installation can last up to 10 - 20 years(even longer, if maintained) – and ceramic tiles are just that – easy to maintain. Known for repelling stains and liquids, this great overall investment is cheap to fit and easy to clean – soap scum, grime, dirt, dust, bacteria and mineral deposits and all other unwanted visitors sit on the glazed surface of each tile so that all it takes is a soft cloth, some mild water and a quick wipe will bring your tiles back to its pristine, original look. In addition, ceramic tiles are very precautionary – fireproof, and frostproof. For an affordable, conventional, and downright simple installation that’ll last your floors and walls for decades, ceramic tiles are the way to go.

Pros :
  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • Simple design
  • Fireproof, frostproof & stainproof
  • Great investment
  • Impervious to liquid absorption
  • Wide range of designs
  • Very durable
  • A hard and rigid underfoot
  • A heavy tile
  • Cold underfoot
  • Susceptible to chips and cracks
  • Difficult to install, if done by an amateur
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Porcelain tiles, literally a subtype of ceramic tiles, are naturally very similar to its counterpart, but with a few key differences. Characterized by strength, hardness, purity, and more water resistance than your standard, more porous types of ceramic, porcelain tiles are extremely durable for interior, and especially exterior wet and dry area installations. While it’s true that porcelain tiles cost more than your standard ceramic tiles, and while they aren’t suitable for comfortable living areas, porcelain tiles make up for the hefty price with hardy durability – easily able to withstand the heaviest of foot traffic and stresses, and in addition, porcelain tiles require very low maintenance due to its water and stain tolerance – regular sweeping, a damp rag, and your porcelain tiles can potentially last for decades and decades, all while proving a warm and firm feel to your home.

Pros :
  • Firm Durability
  • Resistant to liquids & stains
  • Feasible lifespan, if maintained regularly
  • Wide range of designs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Natural aesthetic
  • Fireproof
  • Potential to increase real estate value
  • A hard and rigid underfoot
  • Hefty pricing due to high-end flooring solution
  • A heavy tile
  • Difficult to repair
  • Cold underfoot
  • Lack of uniformity in shape and size
  • Polished porcelain can become slippery
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Glass mosaic tiles are definitely the way to go when looking to make an impressive, gleaming, decorative statement when it comes to design and interior decoration. The styles, the patterns, the colours, the transparencies surrounding glass mosaic tiles are definitely very limitless. There’s so much you can do with glass. Whether you’re looking to accent painted back walls with translucent glass tiles that reflect light, or looking to compliment ceramic or stone backsplashes, imbue a dull old room with light,colour and life, or even looking to represent some complex designs, pictures or patterns on your walls or floors – glass mosaic tiles add a certain sense of individuality and artistry to your home. Glass mosaic tiles are clean, crisp, resistant to stains, mould, and mildew; and in addition, glass mosaic tiles possess eco-friendly credibility. Most glass mosaic tiles come from recycled glass – it takes around half the energy to process a single mosaic glass tile than it does to forge a ceramic tile.

Pros :
  • Extremely customisable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stain, mould and mildew resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Transparency (Easy to notice when to clean)
  • Reflects light
  • Eco-friendly (Can come as recycled glass, if chosen)
  • Susceptible to scratches and etches
  • Slipping hazard when wet
  • Difficult to install
  • Costly form of tiling per square foot
  • Can be difficult to repair
  • Appearance of glass falters in frequently used rooms
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Marble tiles possess difference, elegance, nature, and captivate with swirling patterns, soothing gradients, and bizarre veining effects – accentuating a gorgeous, earthly aesthetic to any home. Other than that, marble is extremely durable, and can stand against major foot traffic from kids or pets running about. What makes marble different from other stone-flooring materials is that is possesses a high tolerance to polishing – it’s a simple thing to keep your marble tiles looking sheeny and glossy with little to no effort. Another reality on marble tiles is that they possess a slight translucent quality to them, allowing light to bounce off of them, illuminating other aspects of your home, as well as other marble materials, and giving any room or household a spacious, airy feel to it. One of marble’s greatest traits is its individuality. After its quarrying stage from raw slabs from the earth, it’s refined and broken down, and then cut into custom-made tiles – meaning every single piece of tile is unique – and that no marble tile is ever in uniform.

Pros :
  • Shines and reflects light
  • Possesses a glossy, earthly appeal
  • Each tile is unique in patterns and colour
  • High tolerance to polishing
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Provides a sense of splendour and grandeur
  • Natural stone
  • Expensive to install
  • Expensive to repair and replace
  • Polished surface becomes slippery
  • Porous - acids and chemicals can stain
  • Susceptible to scratches from furniture and heels
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Sandstone tiles are a beautiful, natural floor covering choice, popular for distinctive style, suitable outdoor appeal, and permanence. Sandstone tiles are the foremost option when it comes to simulating that sandy shore feeling by the poolside, the airy desert feeling under palms, and to imitate the colour schematics of stone. Nothing says ‘The beauty of nature’ quite like primitive, sandy-coloured, earthly stone to coat your pool’s coping or outdoor area. Sandstone tiles also make for an efficient outdoor tile – it’s all natural, so it has great slip resistance, and comes in a series of variations. From Natural Himalayan, to Honed Himalayan, all the way to Drifting Sand Himalayan – North Suburban Tilers can guarantee your poolside or backyard will be looking open, spacious and glorious.

Pros :
  • Possesses a natural aesthetic
  • All natural stone
  • Very hard underfoot
  • Colours, patterns and hues are unique
  • Possesses eco-friendly credibility
  • Replacement is relatively easy
  • Susceptible to scratches and chips
  • Relatively porous flooring solution
  • Due to porous nature, coloured liquids easily penetrate
  • Polished sandstone can become slippery
  • Chemical reactions with acids and soaps are shown in the form of a stain
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