Tile sealing is used to enhance the guard between tile and all forms of nasties: dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, stains – you name it. It’s known that all naturally porous tiles, and man-crafted tiles, should be sealed for longevity, appearance, and functionality – a glaze on tiles makes for an easy clean as the glaze catches all nasties and keeps them on the surface – a small wipe from a damp cloth and some mild soap and your tiles are speckless once again. For tiles that have a slow absorption rate,it’s usually acceptable to need to seal only the grout lines of the tiles with a specialized penetrating sealer

That's best suited for later discussion, depending on the type of tiles for the designated room, function of the room, foot traffic, etc. However, tile sealer provides a glaze on your tiles to help fight against contamination, stains, deterioration and chemicals – as an additional side note, the protective glass reduces damage from the stain itself. North Suburban Tilers excel at sealing both tiles and grout, grout colour sealing, and tile re-grouting. If you’re curious as to how to go about sealing new or old tiles, or are unsure on how to go about, give North Suburban Tilers a call.